June 28, 2019


Our body is designed to adapt to the daily stress that we go through mentally and physically. Ever notice that the things that you do are not as difficult as they once were? That is because we are wired to get better as we get used to the routine. However, for us to reach that point, we need to endure mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately, that’s when we also feel body pain that we ignore hoping that pain killers would solve the problem. 

Not a lot of people know that physical therapy or just even a massage can ease physical exhaustion. Our muscles get stiffed when stressed and getting a massage or P.T. can help ease its stiffness. This is what the goal of iomichiamogiovannitizian.org is, to educate people on the benefits of getting checked by a physical therapist regularly. 

Iomichiamogiovannitizian.org publishes articles that will help you understand how it works, why you should have it, and the things that will change once you see your physical therapist regularly.