Why sex toys can be your good partner for your physical therapy

When someone mentions sex toys, most of us imagine dildos and vibrators that kinky people use to satisfy their bodies. However, no one thinks about how these rascals can help both our physical and mental health. And that’s okay. Adult gadgets and toys are products with the primary function of upping someone’s sex life, after all. But what about their secondary, less-known function, that is, to treat male and female health issues?


From cock rings and prostate massagers that help relieve male problems to vibrators and magic wands that magically make all women happy, physical therapy toys are a real thing. Actually, many therapists recommend them to patients. The only concern is that most people don’t know any of this. So, let’s talk about sex toys as physical therapy items. We’ll hopefully bring you one step closer to trying them out at some point.

They Are Not Expensive

Both men and women have mental and physical difficulties that can be solved with sex toys. Males often suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, and females with vaginal dryness. These prevent them from having regular intercourse, so it leads to a myriad of issues. And what do they do about it? They turn to expensive medical procedures, blue pills, and even unorthodox treatment methods.


All those solutions can work for some people. However, they’re not 100% efficient and cost lots of money. But there’s a cheaper and much more satisfying alternative — sex toys. Most of these kinky gadgets don’t cost a fortune, and even if they did, they would be worthy investments. For under $100, you can find some of the best sex toys on the market, both for him and her. But that’s not all.

You Can Use Them Regularly

Having sex with people is great. Who doesn’t love to make sweet, sweet love? But, there’s one catch. You can’t have sex with your partner all day, every day. Well, at least if they aren’t nymphomaniacs. But our point still stands. Our partners and lovers aren’t always horny like we are. Our libidos differ, and it’s completely normal for people to turn each other down for sex. Yet, with sex toys, that’s never the issue.


Regardless of which one you choose — be it a double-ended dildo or a remote controlled anal plug — it will stimulate your erogenous zones each time you call upon it. The only time it won’t be is when you need to charge or change its battery. That’s if it isn’t manual. Either way, using them regularly can significantly improve how your genitals work. But don’t take it from us. Many studies show how sex toys are perfect for eliminating various genital dysfunctions.

Sex Toys Give Better Relaxation

When you visit your sex therapist, there’s only so much they can do. It’s okay to talk about things, but that can’t solve all your problems. Therapists know that. They understand that for you to live a normal life and enjoy intercourse, you’ll need proper relaxation. Their skills are such that they can provide you with that, but only verbally. They can’t, nor do they want to touch you sexually.


This is the reason many of them suggest sex toys to improve your sex life and stimulate your body safely. Of course, not all of them are aware of every adult product on the market. But that’s why we’re here. You should be aware of what to look for when browsing vast online collections of faux penises and pocket pussies. But once you decide on the type of toy, you should think about body-safe materials.


When it comes to materials, sex toys come in many of them. But, only a few are safe to use: hard and soft silicone, stainless steel, and glass. But why is it so? Well, all three of them are hypoallergenic and non-porous. That means they don’t cause allergies, and bacteria are unable to crawl inside them. And of course, they’re easy to maintain. You only need warm water and some mild soap.

Sex Toys Have Extended Benefits

Sex and health go hand-in-hand. That’s no secret. So, we can safely say that when you mix pleasure and well-being, you make a perfect combo. One of the finest examples of sex toys that can improve female health are Yoni eggs. They are oval-shaped rascals that stimulate natural lubrication and blood flow in the genital area. Additionally, they increase pelvic floor muscles, which are commonly in bad shape in most women.


On the other hand, the most prolific male sex toys that help with health are cock rings. These aren’t just for decoration. Oh, no! These circular boys can help keep one’s penis hard and ready to plow. The way they work is that they forbid blood to leave the erect schlong once it pours downstairs. But these are just two examples of how sex toys can affect your body positively, regardless of your gender.

Better Orgasm, Better Therapy

Lastly, we need to talk about the Big O. Orgasms are what it all comes down to when masturbating by yourself or having sex with a partner. But they’re not just about feeling good. They actually positively impact our health.


No matter if you’re after a clitoral, vaginal, anal, nipple, penile, prostate, or blended one, they all stimulate the production of happy hormones — oxytocin, dopamine, etc. These chemicals relax us, allow us to sleep better, and help us release sexual frustration.


Yet, that’s not all. Orgasms are behind other health benefits. They increase circulation, lower pain, and also dial down aging. Additionally, they can improve menstrual cycles for women who have strong cramps, and they lower anxiety.


It’s safe to say that orgasms are essential parts of any sex therapy. Going to an appointment and talking about your issues is okay. It’s a start. However, if it doesn’t lead to feeling carnal pleasure eventually, why even bother?


So, to conclude this brief talk of sex toys and orgasms, we should mention that there’s no shame in using them. There’s no longer that much taboo surrounding adult products, at least not in America. And if you’re uncomfortable going to a sex shop, simply order your new best friend online, and it’ll come in a discreet package in no time.